Tweaks of the high fidelity tuner Sony ST-S555ES

All electrolytic capacitors within the signal path will be either replaced by MKT foil capacitors (where possible) or smaller MKT foil capacitors will be connected in parallel to improve the high frequency behaviour. The operational amplifiers within the AF signal path will be replaced by better ones. The voltage/current converter in the output stage will be removed as it makes the sound worse compared to a direct output. An additional advantage in doing this is that the power supply branches of the removed amplifier can be added to the remaining amplifier stages leading to decreased influences of the AF signal on the power supply lines.

After these modifications have been done no further readjustments are necessary. All component names refer to the schematics and are also printed on the pcb.

All modifications are done on your own risk and lead to the cancellation of any warranty.

See also the comments from people who did some of the modifications.

The modifications in detail:

Have fun listening to your new tuner. The gain in sound quality is quite unbelievable, especially when listening to stations which deliver uncompressed music. Stereo imaging and high frequency reproduction are comparable to CD reproduction.


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